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Hey, everybody, how's it hangin'? I'm Magda, or you can call me Maggie if you like, I was recommended here by Jess who knows Ariel and I was kicking it around the dominionbar IRC room while it was populated so I may actually know some of you cats already. You all seem awesome and God knows the cast looks great!

I just submitted Richard and Delilah to the characters list, both of them are from my novel Painted Blind so it'll be interesting to see what kinds of friends they can make here in Xana. (It's hard out there for an OC.) They're generally easy to get along with, as am I! I'm delighted to be accepted to the community and really looking forward to playing/getting to know all you folks.

Oh, oh also. My plurk is here and my AIM is also MagdaEss, because despite being a writer I lack the ability for creative usernames. So yeah, add me or send me a message if you like.


Hey guys. It's Kris! You may remember me as someone who joined but... never got very far. I really wanted this to work, as I loved meeting you all and am fascinated by all the stuff that goes on here. But it turns out I'm not great with too much freedom right now, and it's time to make my actual lack of presence official.

Thanks for the invite, and thanks for the good times. I'd happily play with each and every one of you anywhere--this just hasn't worked out for me at this time. I wish you all the best!

Oh, and the only guy I posted with here was Spike (idolstolemylook), in case you're wondering who I am.

Fetch me my warrior muumuu.

sup guyz i'm back

HEY IF WE'RE IN A THREAD TOGETHER COULD YOU DROP ME A COMMENT HERE?? i'm pretty sure i owe some people some tags from... a million years ago, let me know where and i will RACE to complete them!!!
HELLO XANADOODLE I'm Kid, I brought with me Daniel Plainview from There Will be Blood and Doc Worth (nocertification) from Hanna is Not a Boy's Name. I'll probably bring more later. Glad to be here.

It's LRD time again!

Please head on over to this post and participate! Threadjacking and starting your own posts is encouraged! Think of this as the Festivus of LRD where the airing of grievances is more than welcomed. The post explains it a lot better than I can.

And as a double bonus, in the post Spy is introducing a new character, yaaaaaaaaaaay!


I'm Ruth - I'm here with Bruce (or he's here with me). He's quasi Nolan-verse-ness with some elements of the land of ye olde DC thrown in for fun.

Bruce is post The Dark Knight - but he's also post the death of Vesper Fairchild and his relationship with Julie Madison.

I'm rather hopeless at self promotion - but hello! :)



I am failing so hard, and so fast already um HEY THERE. I'm Angel but for the sake of not having the same name as someone else you guys can just call me Cody if that works better. I was lured here by a few lovely people and I haven't posted much since I'm kind of working at... life. It's wonderful. ANYWAY I am bringing just one kid with me, as far as I know. This is him, and he's pretty average. I swear it for the most part.
So bad at intros but I'M DIGGING THE CAST HERE AND AM LOOKING FORWARD TO INTERACTIONS SOON AS I STOP FAILING at life which might be the eighth of never s-sob. /FLEES
Hello Xana!

A few of us realized we miss IRC roleplaying, so we went ahead and decided to start a new room: dominionbar, which you can get to by connecting to irc.darkmyst.org (ETA: or you can use the chat applet on their site, or Mibbit, make sure you're connecting to DarkMyst!) and joining #dominionbar and #dominionooc. It's rather similar to Stigmata, if you were around when we were playing there! While not officially a part of Xanadoodle (which means there will be people in there who are not in Xana), it'll be affiliated with it, which also means that Xana members don't need to app. We already know all y'all is coo'.

In conclusion:


a plotting plot

Hello, Xana! I bring to you plot opportunities; Rescue a little girl who may be one sign that the world's about to end!

Sound like fun?Collapse )

I'm Oreo and I'm chucking another into at ya'll.

I'm horrible at intros.  Uh, I'm bringing in a bunch of characters!  I am super super pumped about the casts and OCs here!  I messed up some of the organization and made a horrible typo on your taken list so I should be crushed but.

Some of the characters I've got are:  George Sands, Chuck Shurley, Stefan Salvatore, Murdoc Niccals, Maurice Moss, Kroenen and a couple of BSG characters.  And some others but yeah.  I AM EXCITE.  And I will continue the line of gif posts so: